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Nov. 20 2016 Freedom! will be at Vidcon 2017 Edit

It is confirmed that Freedom! will have at least 3 official representatives at VidCon next year.

Nov. 20 2016 Freedom! Steam Group is Active! Edit

Join the steam group!

Nov 8, 2016 2000+ Slot Minecraft Server OPEN Edit

★ 2000+ Slot Minecraft Server - Now OPEN for Early Access! - MC.MGN

★ 2000+ Slot Minecraft Server - Now OPEN for Early Access! - MC.MGN.TM

Oct. 14 2016 Freedom! GFX Drive Supporting Hurricane Matthew Victims Edit

One Media Team and The Freedom GFX Team has teamed up to raise funds via a GFX Drive to support the recovery of areas effected by hurricane Matthew.

Here is how the system will work. You will either order a custom package to be made by our Artists or you can buy one of our downloadable templates from the store which you can edit yourself. After you make the payment the money will go into a secure PayPal account and you will unlock the download in your dashboard or your order will be placed and a GFX Artist will get back to you. At the end of the Drive all proceeds will be sent off to Red Cross to help the victims and help the recovery.

Here's ways in which you can make a difference:

  • Order One Of Our Custom GFX Packages.
  • Buy One Of Our Pre-made Templates In The Store.
  • Buy a Single Custom Item From The Store.
  • Donate Money separately
  • Spread the word!

*PayPal takes a service fee for transfers however its only a small amount.

Visit the site here:

Oct 31, 2016 Row is now an admin on the Freedom! Network forums Edit

Freedom Forum moderator Row is now an admin.

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