A Freedom forum user and Partner, known as d3zydration on YouTube and Dezy on the forums.

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At a Glance

Name: Meg/Dezy

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 26

Location: Louisiana, USA

Occupation: YouTuber/Digital Artist

YouTube Channel

Dezy's channel is home to a variety of content including gameplay commentary, vlogs, and digital speedpaints. She is easily startled and seems to pride herself on her ability to (kind of) function on very little sleep. Her goal is very centered on inspiring people to chase their dreams no matter how silly people may tell them it is. She hopes to one day have a loud enough voice to make a difference.

Schedule: Thursdays and some Tuesdays

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Favourite Food: Sushi

Favourite Band: Rush

Favourite Movie: Donnie Darko

Favourite Colour: Scarlet

Hobbies/Skills: Drawing, painting, gaming, singing, playing guitar and piano, acting, writing, reading, soap-making

Interests: Art, music, video games, languages, Greek mythology, mycology, quantum physics, psychology, spirituality, holistic health, 1950's pop culture, 1980's pop culture, Korean pop culture, Japanese pop culture, Halloween/Samhain, classic horror, comics, Twitter roleplay

Inspirations: Dan Avidan, Mark Fischbach, Molly Roberts, Dita Von Teese, Hayao Miyazaki, Tim Burton, Fred Rogers, Bob Ross


"Hey there, you buncha muppets!" -Dezy's new intro

"Fine. Jigglypuff ain't sh*t." -Dezy's Let's Play: Happy Wheels

"It's not all bad because one of his kids has a drinking problem, too, so it's kind of a bonding experience. This is him. His name is, uh... Tolp." -Dezy's Streamnanigans: The Story of George

"I deserve a chocolate bar." -Dezy's Let's Play: Neon Drive

"Every little thing you do - believe it or not - makes a difference somewhere in someone's life." -Dezy's Let's Talk: Spreading the Kindness

"If it plants stars in your eyes and brews hope in your heart, then how can it be bad?" -Dezy's Let's Talk: Things You Love


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